Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Yeah!!!! We are all moved in to our new house!!! We have the fence in the back yard and most of the unpacking done (thanks Dad, Mom and Lezlie). Now we just need everyone to feel better and all will be well.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Shopping Extravaganza

This blog has nothing to do with politics, the state of the nation, or anything controversial. It doesn't even have anything to do with my cute grandkids or my views on writing. The only bomb shell dropping is the news that there's a fantastic sale going on on E-Bay. Dozens of writers and readers have contributed books, jewelery, editing services, photo sessions, clothes, figurines, and many, many other items to be auctioned off to support the Whitney Awards program. Whitneys you ask? What is that? It's a recognition program designed to award LDS writers for outstanding achievment. Nominations are made by readers. Go here to nominate your favorite LDS novel for an award. You can nominate more than one book, but only nominate a particular book once. It takes five nominations from at least five different people to put an author in the running for an award. Sadly, like everything else the program takes money and this year's sponsors decided to hold an auction to raise funds to run the program. Click on the Whitney icon beside this blog to see what is available and to bid.A complete set of my Bracelet series is one of the offerings, along with a little bracelet featuring the jewels from the series (not real ones of course). That's four books and so far the highest bid is just $30.00.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Chuck and Vada's trip etc.

Chuck and Vada just returned from another trip to the Oregon coast and brought back some stunning pictures.

We haven't taken any trips lately, but this past week was an awfully busy one with Halloween and both Boyd's and my birthdays. We had a great party at Bob and Esther's house last night. We ate until we were stuffed then while the men watched ball in the office, everyone else played wii in the family room. I forgot to take my camera, but here are a few shots of our ward Halloween carnival and trick or trunk held last Tuesday. By the time Halloween actually rolled around I think the whole novelty of costumes and getting candy had kind of worn off. We had less than a hundred trick or treaters this year.