Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sperrys on Huntington Beach

We went to Huntington beach on our vacation too. As Alena's piggy tails indicate - it was really windy. That's why there wasn't anyone else at the beach. Both Spencer and Calton were tripped by a wave. It was kinda funny. They collected a few shells, a bit of water, and a lot of sand. We didn't stay very long because of the wind, but the kids were excited that they got to go.

Walt Disney World 2008

So the Rich family headed off to WDW just a couple of weeks after the Sperry's. Here are a couple of our picturesMinnie, MaryJo, Brandon, Mickey and Rich
Brandon and Fairy Godmother
Brandon and Pooh
Brandon and Tigger
Brandon and Piglet
Brandon and Eeyore
Rich, Timon, Brandon and Rafiki
Brandon and Prince Caspian
Brandon, Ron Stoppable and Kim Possible

Rich, Stitch, Brandon and MaryJo
King Louie, MaryJo, Brandon, Baloo and Rich
Goofy, Brandon and Pluto
Donald and Brandon
Chip, Brandon, Dale and Rich

Rich, Chip and Dale
We stayed at the Pop Century Hotel at WDW. This is not just one hotel I'm guessing that there were around 20 buildings. These are all items that were around our hotels. I'm not sure how to spell this but this was a phuse ball table.
Giant Mickey phone
Mr and Mrs Potato Head
Giant trike

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Dry Creek Falls

Hello Here's some pictures of where we went last night. We saw a Badger, The Falls and

an Eagle nest. The Eagle was huge and had a chick beside it. She kept staring at us across

the canyon . We are going to get Chuck to go down with his telescope camera and get some

close ups of the eagles.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sperry's in DisneyLand pt 2

I hope this works. California Adventure had a High School Musical 2 parade. Alena got to go dance and play drums. I was slow getting the video going so this is short but cute.

We listened to the High School Muscial CD in the van to and from Disneyland. Even Calton sings along with all the songs now. I'm looking forward to returning the CD to the library.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sperry's in DisneyLand pt 1

Here we are in Disneyland. It takes a long time to post pictures so I'll do a few at a time. This is in Toon Town. The big mouse isn't really part of our family but Alena really wanted to meet her. The kids had a great time in Toon town. I'll post more later.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Dominic's First Birthday

Denum and Robby's son Dominic celebrated his first birthday a few days ago. With eight sets of grand parents and great grandparents he got a ton of gifts. Most didn't want to leave out his big sisters so the girls got their share of presents too.

Dominic's first birthday.

Dominic's first pony!

Charli's colorful cast.

Stacy and Denum with Denum's kids

Vada and Chuck's pictures

Vada sent a few more pictures from their recent vacation.

Look out Point

Petrified log

More ruins

Saturday, May 17, 2008

State 2008

Chris (the guy in black and BRIGHT yellow) running the 1600 at State finished at 4:36. Wow! He shaved off about 15 seconds he was running at the beginning of the year. He beat his own record. He finished 12th in state, and most of the guys who finished ahead of him are seniors. Next year is looking interesting.

hair cut

Okay, so while I was in the kitchen cleaning and the repairman was in the bathroom fixing my drain. Brandon decided to cut his hair (same bathroom as the repairman was in). I walked in and saw hair (long hair) in the sink and then looked at Brandon. Here is a picture of the result.
I took Brandon to get his hair cut - he had to get it really short because he cut his hair to the scalp.
Another pic of Brandon with short hair.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Henson Happenings

The Hensons have been busy this week. Ty, Amber and girls were in an accident. They're still sore, but all are doing well. It's a good thing they were in the truck and not the car. Ed and RAchel's boys have been busy too. Joey is the one in the fridge.

more noise

Darn things scared me this afternoon. Here I was in my kitchen when it sounded like a car with the volume on high was racing towards my house.


Wow those things are loud! Brandon came out of his room and said that the airplane hurt his ears. Then we went outside and took these pictures.

Brandon is funny he loves airplanes but eh! These are just loud.

okay, even though it's cloudy the sun is really hurting my eyes and I can't see the darn planes. They were above my head and I had to stop and the next video is the continuation on this one. Did I mention that they are very loud! This isn't even the show, thats tomorrow. They are just practicing today (all week).


Guess who's coming to Andrew's this weekend? Yes the air show. They practice all week flying around the area and will put on a great show this weekend (it's supposed to rain fri & sun). I'll post more if I can zoom on the plane before it disappears lol.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Beale Street Music Festival

Here are some of the pics from the Beale Street Music Festival in Memphis and Graceland that Esther and I went to last week, plus some of our friends that live there.