Saturday, January 24, 2009

What we've been up to!

The boys went to a parade downtown Salt Lake City to celebrate the University of Utah's football team's great season - 13-0. Thanks Utes!

We went to Hardware Ranch in early January located in Hyrum, Utah. We went to the ranch with some friends, and it was good to see them. The ranch was not as great as I was hoping. It was good - not great. (The drive up to the ranch was fabulous. Wow! It was a gorgeous drive.) The horse-driven sleds go through the herd of elk and they could be seen from the parking lot. There were many people waiting in line to ride on the sleds, and it was very,very cold. The 10 minute ride was right in the middle of the herd, and the animals are massive and majestic. The sled stopped about four or five times so we could take pictures or just gaze at the animals. The guide spoke a little bit about the elk. I was a little too far in the back to hear when the sled was moving. Brrrr.....we picked a really cold day to go.

The visitors center at the Hardware Ranch.

The Christmas lights at Temple Square. Ooooh! Aaaaah!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

We "Walked With The Dinosaurs"

Yesterday the Anderson's and the Rich's "walked with the dinosaurs". This isn't my video, I found it on I forgot my camera but I knew that I would be able to find a clip on the internet. If you haven't seen this show it is really cool!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

And one more picture

These are Ed and Rachel's boys, MarJean and Darrell's grandsons, on a trip into the everglades. They live in Florida. As a family we've certainly gotten spread all over the map.

Winter Pictures

I loved the pictures Rob and Sharon posted a few days ago. Click on each one to enlarge it to get the whole effect of those great pictures. Over the past few weeks, I've collected a few pictures to share too. I didn't take any of them. I tried to borrow some from Trent and Sarah's blog (They live in Arizona), but it didn't work, so you'll have to visit their cute blog here. The snowy pictures were sent to me by Ralph's son, Jay (lives north of Seattle), and a couple are MarJean's cute great granddaughters who live here in Utah. There's even one of Ruby Ellen and me when she was visiting here from Alaska. The last picture is of my high school friend, Nedra and her husband Roy, taken while they were on their mission. They returned in July.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Looking Back at 2008

A few pictures from 2008! Gardens and visitors.
Running, running and more running. (Look for the kids in yellow.)
YAY! Congrats on the Eagle!
Rock on Bob, Rock on....
Oh...followers. Huh, they don't even have their real guitars.
Loved the hamburgers! Yum!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy New Year

Well, it's a new year and so far McKayla isn't enjoying it too much. She had an infected tooth on Christmas morning and ended up being on antibiotics all of Christmas vacation. She also had to go to the dentist to have the tooth removed. Luckily, the tooth fairy gave me an advance and we went shopping after her appointment and she picked up a baseball cap and a journal from High School Musical that were on clearance. I like clearance sells. And with in 15 minutes of arriving home from swimming lessons Tuesday night she began to throw up. She is just now trying to keep a little lunch down. Poor kid. Ya know, she had the flu last Christmas.

Jayden and Connor are helping me take care of her. They bring her toys and make sure she's never too bored. And that it's never too quiet.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Sperrys in 2008

Calton would like to point out that he is Baby Jaguar. He doesn't care that Jaguars weren't exactly plentiful in Bethleham 2000 years ago. I'm just glad that he is a nice baby jaguar.

Since I never got around to doing a Christmas letter - or a New Years letter - or any holiday whatsoever newsletter. I'll just make a quick post - sans the pictures. Pictures take too long to load and there are pictures of all the kids in Mom's post.

Spencer is doing well in school. He is reading on a 7th grade level (he's in 4th grade). He is enjoying his plethora of K'nex. (I'm not enjoying cleaning them up.) He is quite proud of having finished reading the entire Harry Potter series this year.

Alena is also doing well in school. She is also reading at the top of her class. Although she isn't ready for Harry Potter yet. She enjoys reading the rainbow fairies. She got second place for her art submission in the reflections contest for her school. We don't know about the district level yet.

Calton won't start school this year. He has to wait until next year. He is already starting to read. He can read some sight words and is starting to understand the concept of sounding out words. He loves to play with his Leapster2. One of his favorite games is Go Diego Go (which would explain his preoccupation with Baby Jaguar.)

Jason is enjoying his job (usually) and is learning to play the guitar. Sharon gave us a guitar a few months ago and Jason started playing it until Calton broke a string. I took it in and got the string fixed and got a case (so Calton won't be able to break more) for Jason's birthday.

I'm still working on my writing. I have one middle reader that is in the final editing stages. I also had a short story win the LDSPublishers short story readers choice contest. We got the prize a few days ago. It's a book called Brick of Mormon Stories. The kids like the Lego illustrations.

That's about it. We're excited about 2009. Spencer will hit double digits this year. Alena will be getting baptized and Calton will be 5. It will be an exciting year!