Thursday, April 23, 2009


Last Monday we made a quick trip to Twin Falls to keep a promise we made to Jerry and Daddy to have Jerry sealed to his parents. Monday night we got together at MarJean and Darrell's place. Of course we ate too much, but we had a great visit. Teresah and Gene came both for the sealing and to see two of Gene's kids graduate from BYU. It was the first most of us had met Gene and he made a favorable impression. He fits right in and is a great guy.

Dave's wife Peggy helped us make the arrangements and I tracked down all of the appropriate paper work. Daddy and Jerry had hoped to live long enough to have their sealing done in the new Twin Falls temple, but they both died before it was completed. We felt it was appropriate to have it done there anyway. The temple is beautiful and all was as satisfying and moving as we had expected.

Afterward we took a few pictures. I took these first two, then I handed my camera to Gene so I could be in a few shots. Being unfamiliar with my camera, he accidently turned on the video feature.

Monday, April 13, 2009


We had a great Easter that started off with David and Peggy coming for the weekend. We had a great time with them. We shopped, ate out, commiserated over the Jazz game, and did a lot of talking and laughing. I hope they come again soon.The Easter egg coloring on Saturday had its share of disasters and spills that left my kitchen chairs, floor, and walls drenched in blue and green dye. Fortunately the moms cleaned it up. Easter Sunday went much better with a great Sacrament meeting, followed by a delicious dinner that everyone pitched in to prepare, then the older grandkids hid eggs (filled with coins instead of candy) for the little ones to find. Later David and Nathan played Esther's new guitar. We were all together and had a great time. Following are a few pictures.