Monday, March 24, 2008

2008 Easter Egg Roll at the White House

Hello all,
Here we are at the White House for the Easter Egg Roll. The egg roll was first but for some reason when I attached it - it went to the bottom of the blog.
Here they are coloring the hats.

The Jonas Brothers!!!!!!! (the one in yellow and the other two guys to his right).
Brandon and his friend Kaitlyn checking out sea life.
The crowds in front of the White House.

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Jennie said...

There's my little bear wearing bunny ears! I hope you guys all had a great Easter. We had a nice one here. Ellie, Esther's mother was in a bad accident so they spent the day at the hospital and didn't come over. I need to call and see how she's doing. They released her from the hospital and let her spend the night at Bob and Esther's house.