Monday, July 6, 2009

Sperry Vacation

Here are a couple shots that Spencer took of Mesa Verde. I haven't loaded the pictures from the other cameras yet. I had to do Spencer's because his memory runs on battery power and I didn't want to lose the shots. The first is Cliff Palace and the second is a long distance shot of one I don't remember the name of. It's not one they let people go to. Could be because of the cliffs. I can't imagine living in a place like this. We had the advantage of nice paved paths and stone steps.

The third shot is Spencer in the hotel.

We took it easy for the 4th because of my pneumonia. (And also because losing Calton in the park last year was just not fun) Jason got a package of fireworks from the store and Spencer lit them. The kids discovered that the flashing lights cast a funny shadow on the garage so Calton and Alena danced in the flickering light while Spencer tried to remind them that the fireworks were in the other direction. Then Spencer noticed how much bigger his shadow was, since he was farthest from the garage, and played the giant trying to crush Calton and Alena. People in our neighborhood are really into the illegal fireworks so we had fireworks going off all around us. Surrounded by my giggling children and the blasts of color, I thought about how grateful I am to live in this country and how glad I am that the owner of the field behind us cut back the weeds so I don't have to worry about fire this year. :)

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Jennie said...

Great pictures, Spencer!