Saturday, April 2, 2011

Saturday Morning Conference

I've always consider being able to watch Saturday morning conference a kind of luxury.  Life seems to have a way of interfering much too often, but this morning I was there in front of the TV for the whole thing.  I found the announcement of three new temples exciting.  The first Fort Collins, Colorado is great.  The second, Meridian, Idaho took me by surprise.  That's so close to Boise and I find it exciting that there's a need for a second temple that close to the Boise Temple.  Manitoba, Canada is a big place; I'll be anxious to learn the exact location of that one.

The speakers were great and I didn't miss President Monson's and President Eyring's emphasis on three areas; temples, service to those in need, and missionary work.  I was particularly pleased with a small statement made by President Monson concerning making scooters available to missionaries and members to deliver humanitarian supplies to those in areas who are inaccessible by cars or trucks. I found it satisfying to hear of the work the Church is doing to aid those affected by the severe natural disasters of the past year or two.  It also prompted me to tear up the check I've written for Humanitarian Aid and write a bigger one.

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