Tuesday, May 6, 2008

From Vada

our trip was just great.We did the navaho circle and just loved it. We saw everything from the grand canyon to mesa verde to monument valley to grand staircase to everything in between. we brought home so much pottery jewelry and rocks I will be for ever figuring out where to put it all. The funny thing is when we got to the petrified forest I had to declare every rock I had picked up along the way. We went to see charli yesterday. she broke her leg in a way that they had to put the cast at an angle and she cant walk on it at all. If its not healing in a month they will have to change it to one at a different degree. they were all at a park sliding on ice blocks. devin was holding her on his lap and they came down funny and it just popped. We did get some beautiful pictures and I will send them after we get caught up and chuck has time to download them on to the computer. He got the ones from his big camera developed and they sure turned out neat.


Jennie said...

Chuck took some great pictures, but I messed up by posting one twice and I couldn't figure out how to remove the double.

MaryJo said...

Cool pictures! Thanks for sharing.