Tuesday, September 2, 2008

We're Back

We had a great time this weekend. We traveled to Corvallis, Montana for Ralph and Jean's wedding. The trip up was long, but a lot of fun. Five couples of us stayed at the same motel and it was neat to be able to visit and eat meals together. We discovered a great little cafe across the street (The Coffee Cup). The food was great and the prices reasonable and they even gave us almost exclusive use of a small room where we could be seated together. We did a lot of wandering around and discovering our old houses and favorite haunts from our childhood on Saturday including a visit to the Daly mansion. The mansion is a 45 room house built by Marcus Daly a wealthy mining, timber, and horse racing millionaire during the late 1800s and early 1900s. His granddaughter, a Hungarian countess, was the last owner of the mansion though she didn't actually live in it and died about fifty years ago. The house now belongs to a trust. As children we dreamed of being allowed inside, so it was especially rewarding for us to finally do so. We had a wiener roast at Doug's place the night before the wedding too, which was a fun opportunity to all be together.

Dave and Peggy, Boyd and I went to Church Sunday morning nice and early so that Peggy could practice the piano for the wedding. It was satisfying to visit the Corvallis Ward's pretty new church. We were there many years ago, the day the Corvallis Branch was organized in fact, and it was neat to see so many members where there was such a small handful of us then. The ward members were very gracious and welcoming to us.

The wedding was held at the Methodist Church and the pastor there was very pleasant and kind and the building was lovely. The ceremony and reception that followed were organized by Ralph and Jean's children and they did a great job. I was highly impressed at the reception by how well Ralph and Jean dance. Doug and his daughters are pretty great too. I even danced for about two seconds with Ralph! lol

After the reception was over Peggy and I went for a walk through several streets in Hamilton until we came to a park with a river walk. It was beautiful, peaceful, and we loved it.

We left Hamilton in a heavy rainstorm which turned to snow as we drove up the mountain.

More pictures are posted on my blog: www.notesfromjenniesdesk.blogspot.com

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