Friday, January 2, 2009

Sperrys in 2008

Calton would like to point out that he is Baby Jaguar. He doesn't care that Jaguars weren't exactly plentiful in Bethleham 2000 years ago. I'm just glad that he is a nice baby jaguar.

Since I never got around to doing a Christmas letter - or a New Years letter - or any holiday whatsoever newsletter. I'll just make a quick post - sans the pictures. Pictures take too long to load and there are pictures of all the kids in Mom's post.

Spencer is doing well in school. He is reading on a 7th grade level (he's in 4th grade). He is enjoying his plethora of K'nex. (I'm not enjoying cleaning them up.) He is quite proud of having finished reading the entire Harry Potter series this year.

Alena is also doing well in school. She is also reading at the top of her class. Although she isn't ready for Harry Potter yet. She enjoys reading the rainbow fairies. She got second place for her art submission in the reflections contest for her school. We don't know about the district level yet.

Calton won't start school this year. He has to wait until next year. He is already starting to read. He can read some sight words and is starting to understand the concept of sounding out words. He loves to play with his Leapster2. One of his favorite games is Go Diego Go (which would explain his preoccupation with Baby Jaguar.)

Jason is enjoying his job (usually) and is learning to play the guitar. Sharon gave us a guitar a few months ago and Jason started playing it until Calton broke a string. I took it in and got the string fixed and got a case (so Calton won't be able to break more) for Jason's birthday.

I'm still working on my writing. I have one middle reader that is in the final editing stages. I also had a short story win the LDSPublishers short story readers choice contest. We got the prize a few days ago. It's a book called Brick of Mormon Stories. The kids like the Lego illustrations.

That's about it. We're excited about 2009. Spencer will hit double digits this year. Alena will be getting baptized and Calton will be 5. It will be an exciting year!

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Jennie said...

Great blog, Janice. I hope this is the year you sell a manuscript. Your writing is getting better and better.