Monday, August 18, 2008

From Ed & Rachel

Rachel and I just wanted to drop a quick note to let everyone know we are ok. Tropical Storm Fay has not been as bad as was predicted and as of this email is still not a hurricane. We have been home with the kids all day and our jobs are closed tomorrow as well. There has been a lot of rain and some strong winds. None of the tornadoes have been in our area. There was one about ten miles away. At times the humidity has been so high that the windows to the house fog up and the water starts to run down them. Shortly after that happen we seem to get a big wave or rain. We can't get out of house because of street flooding but that has more to do with the work the city hasn't finished on our storm drain system in our area then with Fay. We had the power flicker once but we haven't been without power. The biggest problem has been that we only have one TV, and we have had it on the weather. The kids really want to watch something else. We did have 3 but we lost 2 of our TV last month when lighting struck the cable box down the street and blow them up. At this point Rachel and I just really want to go back to work and the boys want to go back to daycare. Today was to be Cody's first day of pre-school but it was canceled. We are already starting to watch another system that is developing out in the ocean. Hopefully it doesn't become a storm.

- Ed, Rachel and the boys.

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