Sunday, August 17, 2008

From Vada

well after a week in the mts we are home. we didnt mean to stay so long but we were having such a great time we hated to leave .the creek we were on had a chinook salmon run going on and it was really something to see those huge fish going over the gravel bars. some would go right by us everyday and twice a big group of men walked the banks looking for reds. they even had a scuba diver with them to check the deep holes. the first night we had a bear in camp . he made such a noise trying to pry our cooler open. when chuck yelled at him he walked up looked in our window and saundered off. that is the first time we have ever seen a bear there in all the times we have camped there. there were the most sandhill cranes I have ever seen.

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Jennie said...

Happy Birthday, Vada. It sounds like you had quite a trip.