Friday, December 12, 2008

Chris gets his Eagle

Christopher received his Eagle Scout award Wednesday night along with two other young men from his ward. It was an impressive evening with both of Chris's younger brothers, Nathan and David, receiving scouting advancements and participating in the color guard. I was asked to speak about Chris for a few minutes and it wasn't hard to find good things to say about my oldest grandchild. The guest speaker brought an eagle with him. That's one ferocious looking bird. He has the eagle because it was injured and cannot fly well enough to hunt to feed itself. He does programs for the zoo and educational groups with it. All three young men were highly commended by their scoutmasters, their bishop, and their stake president. Each of the new eagle scouts spoke for a few minutes and I was really proud of how thoughtful and polished Chris's remarks were.

Mary Jo took these pictures; I left my camera sitting on my desk after making a point to charge it earlier that day. Between the low lighting and trying to keep Brandon from chasing his cousins around the room, these didn't turn out too well. Rob took pictures too, but since he had to be in some of the pictures, he didn't get shots of all he would have liked to, but I hope he'll share some of the pictures his took with us.

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Bob and Esther said...

Chris, I heard you had to change your shorts after having you pic taken next to the little birdy. lol

Congrats on the Eagle.