Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas 2008

Our grandchildren performed their usual Christmas pageant on Christmas Eve. Alena is Mary and Kayla is the angel (she owns a pair of wings). Brandon is Jospeh and Connor is a shepherd; notice Connor's cool shepherd's crook. Spencer is the wise man. Calton is a little gray kitty. I know, the Bible doesn't mention little gray kitties, but Calton's into being a kitty and wanted nothing to do with being a shepherd or a sheep. And Jayden? Jayden is just Jayden. He didn't want to wear a costume.

Spencer has a really authentic Arab costume, his Uncle Rich brought back from Kuwait a few years ago. He didn't appreciate any wise cracks about wearing a dress.
Brandon planted himself atop a Christmas package to explain the shepherd's story.

On Christmas day we all got a huge Christmas surprise--like about twenty inches of snow. We were glad we had our family Christmas dinner and gift exchange on Christmas Eve and didn't have to go out in the snow that day. Actually Steve had to go out in the snow and Boyd went with him to pick up a prescription for McKayla who woke up way too early with a horrible tootheache and swollen jaw. It will be a trip to the dentist for her Monday morning.

The best part of Christmas was all being together on Christmas Eve. Chris read the Christmas story and we all did a little reflecting on the miracle of our Saviour's birth and our love and appreciation for each other.

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