Thursday, December 4, 2008

It's the Getting Ready Season

With the temple closed for cleaning for two weeks, I've been busy getting ready for Christmas, an exercise that sometimes gets a little crazy. Except for a couple of small items, my shopping is done (Thanks Esther and Lezlie for your help), the tree is up, and my house is sort of clean. I bought the stuff today to make fruitcakes and took Boyd's suits to the cleaners, shortened one of my temple dresses, and got one review written. Hopefully I'll get the fruitcakes baked tomorrow, then Saturday will again be devoted to book signings. (1700 South Redwood at 11 and West Jordan at 1) Next week I'll start on cards, then more signings and our ward party. And at some point I've got a ton of wrapping to do. I love Christmas, but sometimes I think I tend to let too much business creep in. I wrote a blog about getting into the Christmas Spirit for another blog I contribute to. You can read it here.

Vada sent me some pictures of her "winter garden." She still has roses blooming and primroses jumping the gun. We got a little snow storm this morning, but it didn't amount to much. I was hoping it would at least clean off the mud the last itty bitty storm plastered all over my windows

In other news, I got new glasses. This picture isn't too great, but it gives you the general idea.

Congratulations Trent on being commissioned a second lieutenant in the Air Force! What a scholarship!
If any of our extended family would like to post your Christmas letter and a few pictures on this blog send them to me and I'll post them for you. It would be so fun to share our family's year in review.

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