Monday, June 2, 2008

Calton's haircut regrets

Calton didn't want his hair cut but it was getting so long, it looked like little horns sticking up all over on his head. (He won't let me comb it either. When I hold him down and comb it, he immediately messes it up again.) Since he refused to cooperate while I cut his hair, I cut it really short. This video shows how much he loves his new hairdo. He thought his hair was sad because it wouldn't ever grow back.

I have a video I've been trying to post, but I can't get it to work. I'll try again tomorrow. Maybe I'll email it to Mom and see if she can get it to work. It's kinda funny.


Jennie said...

I didn't think his hair was too long. He looked cute with a few curls. If he gets over being a bit shy, he's going to be a great actor. He has such expressive facial expressions.

MaryJo said...

He looks so much like Spencer its funny! I take Brandon to the barber now instead of me cutting it. He just wiggles too much. Besides I like it a little bit longer.