Thursday, June 5, 2008

It got a little windy here in MD

Do you remember a while ago when I showed you this picture. How lovely my yard was. I might have posted it on my other blog ( Anyway, we have had several storms lately and this is the product of the latest storm. The news had reported that a storm was coming but Brandon wanted to play outside. Rich took him and the cat outside with our dog. The cat was the smart one. He ran back in the house and hid. A few minutes later Rich and Brandon came inside too. Rich then decided to go outside and get the mail. I decided that since the lights were flickering I would turn the computer off. As I am sitting at the computer turning it off I hear a loud sound and look outside. I see the tree in the upper left corner break off and come towards our house. BRANDON!!!!! I ran out the front door yelling for Brandon and Rich. Taluma comes running. She went with Rich and Brandon to get our mail. sigh.... Next Brandon comes running across the street and then Rich. I tell him to look out in our back yard....this is what he sees. This is our sliding glass door. We were very lucky that the tree didn't go through the window. He then tells me to look out front - I do! The mail box is covered by two trees! We then check out the backyard a little more and discover that we had two trees come down. One on our fence and one against the window, sigh.

This is walking around the house to our backyard. Yes the fence is flat on the ground.
This is the tree (big tree) that lost the brances on to the fence.
Our whole backyard.
Looking through the tree branches to the little tree that we noticed first.

The swing, dog kennel, and our sliding glass door.
This is the mail box....the wind hit the first tree sending it into the second tree all of which landed on the mailbox. Luckily Rich and Brandon were under the carport in the driveway you can see.
More of the trees on the mailbox.
The guys on base cleaning up our yard.
This is the result. The yellow spot is were the tree used to stand. The other tree is half gone. I didn't want to go outside and take anymore pictures. I might later.


SherMeree said...

:( Glad you're okay.

Jennie said...

I'm so glad all of you are safe, including your pets. We heard there was a massive power outage in the DC area. Did you lose power for a while too?

MaryJo said...

Some of the base and area lost power but we dind't. :)