Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Update on the Anderson's

McKayla had a "Character Museum" for her class. She picked a character from a book (she loves the Rainbow Fairies) and then made a poster. Each child was to stand by thier poster while the school walked around the "Museum." It was fun. She was "Katie, the Kitten Fairy"
Connor graduated from Preschool last month and got new glasses. He and McKayla are also playing soccer again this year.

Jayden's pic is a little older but he hasn't changed much. He loves to help with everything--except picking up his toys. Go figure!


Jennie said...

I hope that stove wasn't on, but knowing Jayden he didn't wait for permission to climb up there. He's a strong believer in doing things himself.
Hopefully we'll make it over towatch Connor play soccer pretty soon. His glasses probably make this season a lot better for him. I wish we could have seen Kayla's storybook museum, but we'll be there in a couple of hours to watch her class program.

sperrynluv said...

Alena has that book. She got it for Easter. I think there is a whole massive series, but we haven't looked for it in the library yet.