Thursday, June 5, 2008

We got a lot of rain overnight and this morning, but nothing as bad as Mary Jo and Rich did. It's actually quite nice now. We had dinner with Rob and Sharon's family last night to celebrate David's birthday. I forgot to take pictures, but Rob took a few. Hopefully he'll post some of them.
Yesterday we attended McKayla's school program and today her awards program. The program was excellent and she did great both singing and with her speaking part. We were so proud of all the awards she got today. The first picture is of Jayden watching her sing and trying to copy the actions. The second is McKayla giving a little talk on her feelings for this country. The third one is of her getting an award from her teacher. She was recognized and received an award in the main assembly, then received more awards for academicss and citizenship in her class.

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MaryJo said...

Good Job Kayla!