Thursday, July 10, 2008

Brandons 6th lesson

The pictures are out of order because it puts the video last so here is B working on his tummy.
He was laughing and giggling so much he kept swallowing water so his teacher told him to close his mouth. I don't know why he thought to pucker his mouth but both the teacher and I were rolling on the floor with laughter!

So here's Brandon floating on the water on his back. He was the 4th and last student to float and as you can see he did great! The teacher was showing the other students how he was keeping his legs straight etc.. This is his second turn so I thought I would get the camera out to show his Daddy how well he was doing.

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Jennie said...

Cute! I'll bet his daddy is thrilled that he'll soon have a swimming partner, though I suspect that as soon as Brandon learns that his Dad does scuba and deep sea diving, he'll want to do that too.