Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Our little storm

This is the road in front of my house. Yes, that's water that you see, not road.
This afternoon we turned our slide into a water slide and had fun splashing around until we heard the thunder. Lezlie camped out for a while until the hail stopped long enough for them to get to the car and go home. It's a good thing they left when they did or they would have had to paddle their way out. The main part of the storm hit after they left. It hailed so hard that it bounced on the grass like popcorn.
It's too bad Brandon is on the other side of the country. He would have had a great time (with the waterslide - not the storm) . Hopefully MJ will be able to come while the weather is warm. Hopefully MJ will find out where they're going to be living soon. What's up with the military?
We went to the new school open house today. We met Spencer's teacher, but Alena's wasn't there. This is the first year the kids will have to walk to school. A neighbor will walk to school with them and then I'll walk home with them. Both kids have friends in their classes. They're pretty excited. They start school next week. I might be more excited about that than they are.
It's raining again. I think I'll post this and unplug the computer.


SherMeree said...

wow! Guess how much rain we had? Maybe five drops! Weird, huh!


MarJean said...

We just returned from camping up on the Salmon River. Jennie and Boyd have been here the last few days. We went together and toured our new Twin Falls Temple. It is beautiful inside.

MaryJo said...

Brandon would have loved the water slide!!!!

Janice said...

It's still there. You'll have to come over some time. Calton and Alena won't use it. Spencer usually has it all to himself.