Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Brandon's pumpkin plant

One day in May, Brandon's school sent the kids came home with pumpkin plants for the children to plant. We planted Brandon's in out front garden. Here is Brandon showing everyone a blossom - a future pumpkin :) He is so very proud.


Jennie said...

The pumpkin we planted for him here is doing great too. It's beginning to sprawl all over my flower bed.

Janice said...

I wish we could plant pumpkins. The squash bugs always get them. I'm hoping we'll be able to plant some next year since we have our fence up. Spencer misses having zuchinni plants too. We're doing watermelon this year instead.

Jennie said...

We'll share our zuchinni, Janice. And your kids can claim my other pumpkin plant. LOL