Friday, April 11, 2008

Bye bye diapers

Calton is a big boy now! No more diapers! Alena has learned to read and Spencer finished his homework before he had to go to bed!

I'd post pictures but my computer isn't cooperating.
(Ha ha, Lezlie. My blog is shorter.)



MaryJo said...

Hey Janice - How do you potty train them at night? Brandon still has accidents and I get tired of washing the sheets everyday so at night I have him wear pullups.

Jennie said...

Janice, Lezlie can't blog right now. Her internet company went out of business--they didn't even notify their customers. They just quit. Now they're trying to get some money back since it was an annual payment company.

sperrynluv said...

MJ - I make sure Calton goes potty right before bed - but that doesn't mean I don't dread checking his bed in the morning! With Spencer I told him when the pull-ups ran out - that was it. I wasn't buying more. He did fine. Alena had to wear plastic pants to bed- which she hated. She figured it out too. I'd check with Brandon's pediatrition since he's four now he should have the hang of it. Heather's little boy had some sort of infection. He got a prescription and he stopped wetting his pants just in time to start kindergarten. (Cutting it a little close - if you ask me!) :)

Lezlie said...

I'm BACK!!!
Jayden is doing pretty well potty training too, it's his mother that needs help. (Not being potty trained, I've got that down :-) ) but remembering to remind him every couple of hours. I need to set the timer.