Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Luma and Squirrels

We have squirrels in our backyard and our dog loves to chase them (she never catches them). I believe she thinks they are giant rats with fluffy tails. They drive her nuts flicking their tails at her and then running up a tree. After she has "treed" one she just waits at the base not knowing that the squirrel has jumped to anther tree and is long gone by now. She knows that they go up the tree and then disappear... It's fun to say "squirrel" and see her take off.


Jennie said...

Good old Luma. She'll miss the squirrels when you come back here. Was the base pretty well shut down for the pope's arrival?

MaryJo said...

I stayed at home during the arrival time so I don't know what all they (security) were doing. I saw it on TV though. I know some Moms dicided not to even take their kids to school because they were worried about the hassel of getting on and off, but I had no problems at all.

sperrynluv said...

Calton loves your doggy show.