Saturday, April 12, 2008

Kayla's Baptism

McKayla was baptized today. There was a very nice program with her aunts playing the piano and her cousin Chris was one of the speakers. Afterward we went to Steve and Lezlie's house for brunch. It was yummy. It's been awhile since all (except Mary Jo and her family) have been together and we enjoyed seeing Steve's family again. My pictures didn't turn out well, but I did get one fairly good one of Steve and McKayla just before the service started.

McKayla was so pretty in her white dress, but none of the pictures of her in her dress turned out. I guess I'll have to get some from Lezlie.


MaryJo said...

Hey Kayla,

I sure wish we could have been there today. Hugs and kisses!!!

Bob and Esther said...

Mckayla sure did look pretty.