Friday, April 11, 2008

What's Been Happening

Chris had 3 track meets last week. And in one of the meets he earned the bronze for the 1600 meters and a bronze in the 800 meters sprint medley relay. YAY, go Chris. His goal this year is to make state. Chris found out yesterday that he tied for 13th place of all juniors in the State Math competition.
Dave is considering going to the same charter school Chris is in. We turned in his papers last week.
Nathan's class just finished doing a Shakespeare play called "Comedy of Errors" & a "Punch and Judy" puppet play. Nathan helped make the scenery. It was awesome. Too bad the pictures didn't turn out.
Rob and I are almost done with our taxes. Yarggg! And it's spring and I'm ready for gardening!


Jennie said...

That's my boys! I'm so proud of all three of these guys. They're the greatest!

-Proud Grandma

MaryJo said...

Yes, but Sharon I heard that it keeps snowing. How can you garden if it keeps snowing?
Hey Chris - good job on the bronze. Yeah! for making it to
13th place in State Math competition.
David I can't believe your old enough to go to the Charter school. Good luck!
Nathan got his artistic ability from me :)
And taxes - I did mine in Feb. :)

Jennie said...

I finally got my taxes sent off last week and cried all the way to the Post Office.

SherMeree said...

Yes, gardening. All within 30 minutes it keeps snowing, then it's sunny, then it rains and then it's sunny again. But today it's warm! And not snowing or raining. And OUCH, I hurt!

I asked the boys to cut down the wild roses by the neighbors garage and put Round-Up on it. David didn't hear the part about the garage and cut down one of my good rose bushes and put Round-Up on it. I hope I saved it in time.

Bob and Esther said...

Chris is smart and athletic...just like his uncle Bob. David is a rose bush killer. Nathan, what a sweet spirit.

Lezlie said...

And then there's Bobby...