Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Just a Regular Day

I bought a package of balloons for an upcoming activity for a Cub Scout Pack meeting. And before I knew what was coming, my children had promptly opened the package and started a balloon war! I now have balloons scattered all over the family room. (They claimed they were practicing tying the balloons off.) I also discovered that I have forgotten how to tie the wretched things. (Sorry Jo.) And Chris won his track meet with a time of 2:07 in the 800. Yay!


MaryJo said...

Did'nt you know that you are supposed to keep "dangerous" items up high so your children can't get into them? lol Hope they had fun!
Congrats Chris! Yeah!!!!!!!

Jennie said...

Congrats, Chris, from me too. Who won the balloon war?

SherMeree said...

I'm not sure who won the balloon war. It sure wasn't the balloons:} And it doesn't matter where I put stuff, they find it. Although now that two of the three are taller than me, maybe I should hide things down low.